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"Thanks for sacrificing your weekends, your evenings and your health on our behalf. Your intimacy with our issues, your communications know-how and your directness in giving counsel were all invaluable. I really appreciated your input and your attitude."
CBC Senior Executive

"We used the services of The Mindszenthy & Roberts Corp. on several occasions. They were able to grasp the subtleties of communicating sensitive issues to a wide spectrum of stakeholders including students, parents, alumni and staff. On each occasion, they made themselves available in a very timely fashion and we appreciated their collaborative, hands-on and highly personalized approach."
Toronto French School

"I just wanted to thank you for the analysis work you did on tracing back and interpreting the response to our announcements (Facebook etc). This detailed work was very, very helpful in our conversation with the Board yesterday. Great Work!"
National Leader, Core Product Redevelopment

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Strategic Communications Planning

Working with senior management and senior communications/public relations staff, we help define broad-based or specific communications strategies that support an organization's mission and specific operating objectives.

The benefits:

A clear communications agenda with the right people doing the right things at the right time, so communications is focused and consistent to benefit the reputation of the organization or a specific initiative.

Conflict & Major Change

Organizations are undergoing profound change: reorganization, downsizing, alliances, acquisitions, divestments, takeovers and, in the extreme, failure. They're also often in conflict with some of their stakeholders. We help organizations navigate the challenges of change and conflict.

The benefits:

Through effective communications, change will be understood clearly and in context, and conflict will be minimized so organizations can implement change in a timely and constructive way

Issues Management

Issues unresolved are tomorrow's conflicts and crises. Issues often surprise an organization too busy to notice the "soft side" threats to its agenda. We help organizations define, design and apply simple yet highly effective issues management processes and procedures.

The benefits:

The executive team is clear on its issues priorities, agrees on where it stands, and speaks with one voice; there are few, if any, issues-based surprises for the organization.

Internal communications

The competitive edge is measured in large part by employee productivity, teamwork and continuous improvement. That's precisely why internal communications should be more effective, supportive and motivational that ever. We define and apply successful internal communications strategies for organizations in all sectors.

The benefits:

Employees, from top down, who understand roles and goals; recognize what they can and must do to help make the organization successful in an environment of uncertainty and ongoing consolidation and change


Crisis counsel and support

  • Hands-on assistance during a crisis.
  • Counseling management.
  • Developing strategies and action steps.
  • Supporting communications/public relations teams.

Crisis management/communications plans

  • Researching and developing customized plans.
  • Advising on the optimal composition of crisis teams and defining clear roles.
  • Assessing and recommending spokesperson(s).
  • Establishing and equipping crisis command centers.


  • Reviewing and analyzing existing plans, with assessment and recommendations.
  • Advising on information-gathering process for in-house preparedness audits.

Crisis training/simulations

  • Researching and creating customized crisis scenarios.
  • Preparing all support materials.
  • Managing all aspects of simulations.
  • Conducting mock news conferences, simulated interactions with stakeholders.
  • Conducting debriefing sessions with participants.
  • Providing written summaries with evaluation and recommendations.
  • Optional assistance with required changes.

Post-crisis strategies

  • Developing special communications initiatives addressing concerns of stakeholders to support the recovery of the organization's reputation.

Management awareness building

  • Presenting the case to management for crisis management/communications.
  • Counseling on the creation of issues management systems.

Business continuity planning

  • Planning for the continued availability of essential services, programs and operations, so that critical business functions can be performed.
  • Guiding the survival and recovery of the organization through unplanned interruptions.
  • Helping restore normal operation in the shortest possible time.

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